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Geoff Stray - Beyond 2012:

Geoff Stray has been studying the meaning of the year 2012 since the early 1980’s. From his home in England, he has collected and compared a wide range of visions, prophecies, ideas and theories about that date. This material was first brought together in a booklet, then on his web site, and most recently in a book, Beyond 2012: Catastrophe or Ecstasy, due for publication next year. In this lecture, Geoff brings together his quarter-century of research into the fascinating possibilities that the road to 2012 reveals. For more information visit

The Horizon Project:

The Horizon Project uses an unprecedented approach to deciphering the answers behind life's most puzzling questions; breaking through the flawed explanations of fragmented modern theory that compound each year to further mask the truth. See the overwhelming scientific evidence previously lost and re-discover the shocking answers that have been under our noses all along. No matter your belief system or your professional background; The Horizon Project will change the way you look at everything!

The Horizon Project's charter is to gather and cross-check vast amounts of knowledge in many dozen specialized fields from scientists and researchers around the globe in addition to studying hundreds of historical documents spanning back to the dawn of history. These fields include archeology, geology, astro, geo & quantum physics, ancient languages & civilizations, paleontology, ancient history, genetics and others. The emphasis is on solving the puzzles that each field is unable to solve individually because of overspecialization and their focus to advance their own specialized knowledge. The knowledge to explain many of these anomalies had been unknowingly found by other fields of study, but the very nature of most commercial research today does not support the unlimited exchange of information between fields since there is no overtly apparent connection between most of them. As a result, these anomalies remain unsolved until now. By better understanding a much broader scope of scientific research covering many fields of study, and our own history from multiple vantage points, we are able to derive an overall picture of our past. This goal is monumental in scope and ongoing; however, the research has uncovered an unnerving understanding that the world as we know it is about to come to an unexpected end in our near future. The findings will not only shock you, but will change the way you look at life forever!

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